Auditory hypersensitivity

What is auditory hypersensitivity in adults?

Hearing hypersensitivity causes even ordinary environmental sounds – such as talking, vacuuming, barking dogs – to cause great discomfort and even pain. People with auditory hypersensitivity perceive sound stimuli as intolerable noise. In Poland, about 20% of the population faces this affliction on a daily basis.

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What are the types of auditory hypersensitivity?

In the scientific literature we find several types of hypersensitivity to sound:


refers to the improper work of the stirrup muscle, which is located in the middle ear

Auditory central

occurs when serotonin levels in the central nervous system are abnormal

Peripheral (mixed) central

caused by damage to the cochlea of the ear, deformation of which often causes hearing loss in the patient

Hearing hypersensitivity limits the ability to function calmly and actively in daily life, and its increased symptoms may warrant specialized treatment.
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Stopwatches with acoustic filters

Earplugs for hearing hypersensitivity in adults
Stopwatches for very high auditory hypersensitivity
Stopwatches for hearing hypersensitivity in children

How to reduce auditory hypersensitivity?

Hearing hypersensitivity therapy depends on the type of disorder. The main goal of therapy for adults suffering from auditory hypersensitivity is to improve the patient’s quality of life, as well as to eliminate the pain associated with the condition.

One treatment for patients suffering from auditory hypersensitivity that has been successfully used for many years abroad and in Poland is TRT (Tinnitus Retraning Therapy). Through it, the patient learns ways to cope with pain and irritability.

During the use of this therapeutic method, broadband sounds, i.e. having different degrees of frequency, are administered to the patient’s ears. During several sessions, it is possible to partially eliminate the discomfort felt and improve the client’s well-being. It is therefore worth considering professional methods of combating auditory hypersensitivity.

In case you discover worrying symptoms in you, your child or a loved one – contact an audiologist.

How to deal with auditory hypersensitivity?

For those who struggle with hypersensitivity to sound and work in noise every day, professional earplugs and stoppers will work well.

But not wax plugs, foam stoppers, or silicone (Christmas tree) plugs. To cope with unwanted sounds and function normally in the work environment, you need specialized earplugs with acoustic filters. Acoustic filters reduce the annoying effects of frequent exposure to harmful sound environments, without feeling isolated and “plugged in.”

Which stopwatches are the best?

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What for auditory hypersensitivity?

For hearing hypersensitivity in adults, we recommend individual OTIS earplugs made to size or Alpine ParyPlug universal stoppers.

With the need for even more attenuation, for those with very high hearing sensitivity, the convenient Alpine Worksafe earplugs will work well.

For children with hearing sensitivity, we recommend Alpine Plugin Kids soft stoppers.