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OTIS hearing protectors increase productivity, professionally suppress noise, but allow communication. We operate nationwide.

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Food industry

Hearing protectors for the food industry


Hearing protectors for the automotive industry

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Hearing protectors for packaging manufacturers


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Hearing protectors for furniture, construction and other industries


OTIS - individual hearing protectors

We are a Polish company with more than 15 years of experience in hearing testing and prosthetics. Our specialty is professional customized hearing protectors. We protect workers in various industries from industrial noise in manufacturing plants, factories and assembly plants.


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Otis solutions have been used by more than 10000 users.

We have made customized hearing protectors for clients in the food, automotive, transportation, packaging, industrial, construction, furniture and other industries.

What’s more! Customers who once decided to cooperate – they come back to us, because we are oriented to long-term cooperation. See for yourself. Contact us.

All Otis hearing protectors manufactured are CE certified.

Otis also offers Alpine earplugs – for sleeping, work, DIY, swimming, concerts, as well as stoppers for motorcyclists and children.


How did it start?

When Jakub Ziolek graduated from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan with a degree in Acoustics, he focused on his specialty - hearing care. But after 10 years of working with hearing aids, acoustics and electronics also joined his interests. From this passion grew the idea to independently produce customized hearing protectors. This is how Otis was born.


Let's get to know each other!

Our team consists of audiologists and acousticians.

Jakub Ziółek

He is committed to maintaining high quality and developing more products, as well as having a good relationship with customers.

area served: all of Poland

693 445 895

Jacek Bielecki
regional representative in Upper Silesia

Long-time specialist in hearing protection. He will dispel any doubts and advise what hearing protection is best for your employees.

Area served: Upper Silesia


Lena Petrenko
otoplastic laboratory manager

She takes care of the high quality of hearing protectors. It is thanks to her that we have 100% satisfied users.

Dominika Matyjewicz-Maciejewicz
Key account manager, Promotion specialist

He creates and executes product campaigns, takes care of visual communication, and informs about news.

Maksymilian Ziółek
Distribution and Logistics Specialist

It ensures that the products are packed decently and the goods reach you on time.

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