individual ear stoppers

Alpine earplugs

We offer you customized Alpine ear stoppers. They are made of very flexible and durable thermoplastic material. As a result, under the influence of the user’s body temperature, the stoppers adapt to the shape of his ear canal. Therefore, they do not cause discomfort even when used for many hours. All earplugs are supplied in a plastic case for storage and transportation. Below are the available models.

Available models:


If you want to take care of your hearing while working at home, use ALPINE WorkSafe® professional earplugs (stoppers).

WorkSafe® earplugs, thanks to a special filter, allow you to hear speech, radio and ambient noises clearly. They are very comfortable and do not cause a feeling of isolation. The earplugs have a long life, and their black color makes them resistant to dirt.


Special PARTYPLUG stopwatches have been created for those who like to spend their free time at discos and concerts. The noise level at mass events can be very harmful and cause irreversible consequences. Every year many people lose their hearing as a result of listening to music that is too loud. PartyPlug® individual ear stoppers are equipped with a special filter so that conversations can be heard better, but you can still enjoy the music. The noise reduction will ensure that even after partying for hours, you won’t experience noise-induced fatigue.

Pluggies KIDS

Adults aren’t the only ones who can experience discomfort from too much noise. Pluggies® are Alpine’s new multifunctional stoppers developed specifically for children. They prevent water from entering the ears when bathing, showering, or visiting the pool. They also protect children’s hearing at concerts, sporting events or on an airplane. The special design, consisting of two thermoplastic collars, perfectly adapts to the shape of children’s ear canals. The filter used keeps out water, while reducing ambient noise, leaving speech sounds clearly audible. These stoppers are also ideal during otitis or eardrum perforation in children.


ALPINE SleepSoft® earplugs have a special soft filter that stops some sounds and lets others through.

As a result, the earplugs cut off distracting noise – loud conversations, household distractions, neighbors or snoring – but do not completely isolate you from the outside world. You will still hear high-frequency sounds like a baby crying, the doorbell or alarm clock.


A new model of earplugs from the Dutch company Alpine – SleepDeep developed especially for people who require comfort during sleep and are very sensitive to noise.

The newest model of SleepDeep sleep plugs is now packaged in a convenient tiny case perfect for taking in your purse or on the go.

Now in eco-friendly paper packaging; earplugs and packaging are fully recyclable and compostable!

MotoSafe Pro

After riding a motorcycle for a longer period of time, do you still feel like you’re on the highway?
When riding a motorcycle, the greatest noise is generated by wind noise, which is usually poorly attenuated by most motorcycle helmets in use.
Regular exposure to noise above 80dB leads to irreversible hearing damage, and it should be remembered that when riding a motorcycle at 120km/h we are exposed to 98dB of wind noise, which after about 7 minutes can already cause irreversible damage to our hearing.
That’s why Alpine has developed special MotoSafe® stoppers so that we can still hear the sound of the engine in our motorcycle, ambient sounds while being effectively protected from dangerous and unpleasant sounds created by wind noise.

MusicSafe Pro

A group at risk of significant hearing damage are musicians. That’s why Alpine specifically developed the Music Safe® Pro stoppers for hearing protection during rehearsals and concerts. This product comes with three sets of filters with different attenuation values. The stopwatches are practical, very comfortable and hardly noticeable. The music still remains clearly audible, while the stopwatches provide adequate protection against hearing loss.


Swimming is a favorite sport for many people. Unfortunately, all the pleasure can be taken away by the water that gets into the ears while swimming. Ordinary earplugs made of wax or foam cause an unpleasant feeling of pressure on the ear canal and discomfort. To avoid this, it is worth reaching for SwimSafe® stoppers. They use special filters that prevent water from entering the ears while swimming, while allowing you to keep hearing speech and ambient sounds at normal levels.


The FlyFit® model is an ideal product for long airplane flights. Monotonous engine noises, as well as pressure changes during takeoff and landing, make travel unpleasant and inconvenient. In such a situation, it is worth reaching for specially developed professional earplugs, which suppress sounds coming from cars, trains or planes. The filter used in the stoppers reduces unpleasant pressure on the eardrum caused by pressure changes. FlyFit® stoppers provide rest and relaxation during long flights, so when you arrive at your coveted vacation, you feel more rested and less tired after the trip.