Corrective work glasses

Corrective work glasses. Good eyesight and worker eye protection in one

Do your employees wear corrective glasses, but their job also requires them to wear safety glasses? See why corrective work glasses are the best solution!

Corrective safety glasses perform two functions: they provide good vision – thanks to corrective glasses – and protect the worker’s eyes in a harsh working environment – thanks to their resistance to damage.

Worth knowing

When to use corrective eyewear?

It is impossible to list every place where work glasses, including glasses with vision correction, are useful, but from our experience, the most common uses of safety glasses are: industrial plants, machining centers, workshops, construction companies, carpentry shops and laboratories.

The use of safety glasses with correction is recommended for visually impaired workers who are exposed to, among other things:

  • Splinters, splinters, filings, sparks in the processing of materials
  • laser action
  • hazardous substances
  • strong insolation
  • intense UV radiation
Why is it worth it?

Advantages of work glasses with correction by Otis:


cover the entire eye - which provides an unrestricted field of vision, including lateral vision


Resistant to scratches, damage, chemicals


available in multiple sizes - employees can customize them to work comfortably



the employee does not have to constantly correct slipping glasses and pull away from work


Without pressure on the nose, temples or behind the ears, that is, without pain and distraction for the worker


allow you to look close, far away, down freely - no distortion or cut-off lines

Safety glasses are among the indispensable personal protective equipment that every employer must provide for its employees.

Opt for maximum safety and, for workers with vision impairment, order work glasses with correction.

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