Hearing protectors OTIS PRO-35

These individual hearing protectors have the highest attenuation among (of) all offered types.

They are also custom-made and therefore comfortable to wear for many hours, just like other individual hearing protectors.

These hearing protectors do not have an acoustic filter what limits the cost of their production and has an impact on the final price.

Reduction in cost

OTIS PRO-35 hearing protectors are an interesting solution due to reduction in cost.

Despite the lack of filters allowing communication these protectors are a great solution compared to disposable earplugs or headphones.


Regardless the type of hearing protectors they are manufactured to individual order on the basis of ear impressions taken by our employee directly at your facility. The production takes place in our laboratory in Poland what ensures short time of completion and quick response to your needs.

The benefits of customized hearing protectors

  • Our hearing protectors do not cause tiredness and isolation efefct. One can work in them continuously throughout the day and thanks to this productivity increases significantly.

  • 5-year warranty provided by our company, ensures trouble-free use for many years.

  • Return on investment in 100% after only one year – if one compare costs of disposable earplugs.

  • Our hearing protectors allow full audibility of the commands and alarms issued, thanks to which they ensure greater work safety.

  • Investment in employees through individual hearing protectors improves motivation to work and increases work productivity.

  • In the case of destruction or loss of hearing protectors we provide insurance which gives you more confidence in the investment in the customized hearing protectors.