Hearing protectors ALPINE

We present the system of customized hearing protection of the well-known Dutch company Alpine which is appreciated throughout Europe for its innovative and uncompromising approach to the problem of hearing protection. Our offer includes both customized hearing protectors with Alpine filters and individual earplugs.

Individual hearing protection in the workplace

Customized hearing protectors are the most modern solution to hearing protection in the workplace. They minimizes the effects of dangerous noise on the human body. Their innovativeness lies not only in the way of sound wave attenuation, but above all in individual adjustment to the anatomical structure of each worker’s ear.

Individual hearing protectors are equipped with acoustic filters to reduce noise, while speech and alert signals remain audible. Due to the small dimension they are comfortable to use and esthetic.


Alpine produces five variations of filters offering different levels of attenuation of harmful sound waves. All Alpine filters work in an open system what ensures proper ear ventilation, does not cause squeeze and allows to identify proper direction of speech.
  • Filter F10 white: attenuates noise levels from pile driving, shooting, high pressure cleaners, and is suitable for studying concentrated
  • Filter F8 red: attenuates noise levels from heavy industry, metal processing or snoring
  • Filter F7 green: attenuates noise levels from timber industry, construction work, DIY, and wind noise on the motorcycle
  • Filter F6 blue: attenuates noise levels from light industry, transport industry, music at parties or lawn mowing
  • Filter F4 yellow: attenuates noise levels from printing works, call centers


Our hearing protectors meet all health and safety standards, both Polish PN-EN 352-2 and European DIN EN 352-2E. The graph shows the attenuation curves for individual filters used in the Alpine hearing protection system.

The benefits of customized hearing protectors

  • Our hearing protectors allow full audibility of the commands and alarms issued, thanks to which they ensure greater work safety.

  • 5-year warranty provided by our company, ensures trouble-free use for many years.

  • Return on investment in 100% after only one year – if one compare costs of disposable earplugs.

  • Our hearing protectors allow full audibility of the commands and alarms issued, thanks to which they ensure greater work safety.

  • Investment in employees through individual hearing protectors improves motivation to work and increases work productivity.

  • In the case of destruction or loss of hearing protectors we provide insurance which gives you more confidence in the investment in the customized hearing protectors.